What your food cravings say about you

The mind and the body influence each other according to physical sensations and mental or environmental triggers. These stimuli -whether initiated in the body or from external factors -can cause cravings, make you want a morning muffin, send you on an afternoon greasy gravy run or have you scouting the freezer for ice cream after dinner.

An unhealthy treat is fine once a way. But when you’re trying to improve your diet or manage your weight, these temptations can get the best of you, and it’s time for some new strategies.

While the impetus that drives you to junk food may have a common root (stress, boredom, habituation, and low energy), the temptation to snack in the morning can be triggered by something completely different during the afternoon time, or even post-dinner.

Once you begin to understand situational triggers, you can mend your approach to choose healthier alternatives.

Here are a few suggestions for making mindful choices based on common triggers at various times of the day.

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